Is it important for you that your customs agent is an expert in customs regulations and provisions? Do capital intensity and reliability matter to you? Is flexibility one of your basic requirements?  


  • We are the most knowledgeable experts in customs agency services in the country.
  • Our experts offer the ultimate solution for all customer requests.   
  • We always focus on our clients’ interests, you can fully rely on us from the customs matters point of view.
  • Our customers can rely on us not only at the time of the customs customs clearance but we will be at your disposal also in the case of a post clearance audit.   

Capital intensity

  • We can provide all types of customs guarantees and duty deposit guarantees.
  • A financially strong and stable owner background ensures the continuous operation of our company.

Speedy work

  • We assist you in choosing the most optimal solution.
  • We arrange the customs clearances fast so that the waiting time is minimized for your shipment and the consignment gets to its final destination as fast as possible.
  • We respond immediately to any questions raised by the authorities.


  • We help your business remain within the legal frameworks at all times.
  • You can feel safe with us and put your customs matters in our hands with confidence. We assist you in finding your way in the ever more complicated and complex EU and national customs systems and regulations.  


  • We flexibly adapt to the ever changing legal and economic environment so that you can focus on your business, i.e. trade, manufacturing while relying on trustworthy and knowledgeable experts in customs matters.

If the above values matter to you and your business then choose Hungary’s largest customs agency ROYAL SPED Zrt.

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