Terms and conditions of use (for downloads)

  1. This Agreement lays down the terms and conditions for downloading and using the information from Royal Sped’s website. By downloading the documents you indicate that you accept the current terms and conditions as a user.
  2. In general the downloads are available during 24 hours a day on 7 days a week.  A Royal Sped however does not take responsibility for downtimes due to unavailability of internet connection or system/network outages.
  3. Royal Sped shall ensure that the downloads are kept up to date. Royal Sped reserves the right to amend the information at any time, in particular in view of any technical and economic developments or with regards to.        

User rights and responsibilities

  1. The content of the downloads is protected by the copyright of Royal Sped or a the copyright of a third party. No downloads may be used, in particular in view of reproduction, distribution, presentation, transmission, publishing or any other type of use or modification without the prior written permission of Royal Sped or the respective rights holder.   
  2. If a use without permission is indispensable according to the circumstances based on the copyright, this use cannot be in conflict with the restrictions set out in the above using rights.
  3. Royal Sped empowers the user with a one-time, any time revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the downloads in order to enhance the business transactions in the framework of the existing business contracts. All copyrights and remarks remain valid unaltered.  


  1. We make no warranties or undertakings about the content and downloads made available. No liability claims are accepted.
  2. Royal Sped makes no warranties for the correctness, completeness, quality and reliability of the information or the result aimed to be achieved by using the information. Royal Sped accepts no liability for any damages arising from the use of downloads such as downtimes, lost revenues, loss of information or data.
  3. Royal Sped accepts no liability for damages (irrespective of the legal basis) arising from the use, the inability to use, the possible hardware or software defects or the erroneous system configurations of the user. User is responsible for the downloading. Royal Sped accepts no liability with regards to the information, in particular related to its usability, correctness, completeness and being free from viruses.                 
  4. Royal Sped accepts no liability for damages arising from viruses, trojan programs, false alarms or similar programs, parts of software or codes which lead to reduced performance, breakdown or complete failure. User shall make arrangements for antivirus program and protection from malicious software.   
  5. Royal Sped is not liable for erroneous information sent Royal Sped, for the manipulation of these information by a third party taking into consideration in particular the unauthorized access to Royal Sped’s networks and systems by third parties without Royal Sped’s consent.     
  6. We do not exclude liability according to the statutory level of responsibility, e.g. wilful default, negligence, in case of breach of quality guarantees or contracts, in case of death, personal injury or health damage and in case of liability set out by the product warranty law. Breach of the key terms and conditions of the contract entails a claim for damages in general with restrictions to foreseeable damages except for cases of wilful default and severe negligence. The reverse burden of proof placed on the user is not applicable in this case.           

In case you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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