Royal Sped Zrt. is striving for an even more dominant role in the customs agency service sector by continuous innovative developments and by strengthening its market position.

Our company’s quality policy focuses on our customers. All our colleagues do their best to satisfy our clients’ demands and expectations to the maximum.

Royal Sped Zrt. was granted the crucial Authorized Economic Operator status specified by the Union Customs Code. Traders and service providers with this unique AEO certificate enjoy special treatment by the customs authorities as they are considered reliable and trustworthy partners. Authorized Economic Operators enjoy a wide range of benefits throughout the European Union when organizing and getting their customs matters done, transporting their merchandise or performing any other customs related activities.

Our management is committed to complying with all relevant laws, regulations, provisions, decrees and requirements at all times and in our everyday work. We continuously evolve our management system in terms of environmentally responsible schemes, quality assurance, information security.

Our AEO certificate was reevaluated according to the Union Customs Code and we were granted the AEOC status as of 3 May 2017.

Our certificates and authorizations:
  • AEOC certificate
  • Customs agency authorization
  • Authorization to provide guarantee
  • Authorization for deferred payment of customs duties
  • Authorization for import VAT self assessment
  • VAT guarantee waiver authorisation
  • TC31 – Comprehensive guarantee certificate
  • TC32 – Authorization for the sale of individual guarantee vouchers
  • Authorized consignor – authorized consignee licence
  • Authorized consignee status for TIR procedures
  • Warehousing authorization for temporary storage
  • Authorization for simplified export formalities with local clearance procedure
  • VAT warehouse authorization

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