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Data management principles


Royal Sped Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság (1239 Budapest, Európa utca 6. B1., hereinafter: Royal Sped) in your interest pays particular attention to comply with Law CXII. of 2011 on informational self-determination and freedom of information (hereinafter and to proceed in accordance with other provisions related to data management in force taking also into account more significant international recommendations related to data management. Royal Sped is committed to protect the security of the personal information of its customers and takes all security, technical and organizational measures which ensure the protection of the data.


Consent to data management

The data management is based on Article 5 (1) (a) of the Info tv. upon voluntary consent of the users. By registering on, accessing, subscribing to the newsletter, sending your CV you give your consent to managing your data based on this policy. By providing your data you expressly agree to the management of your data by Royal Sped.   


Data management without your consent or after / following the withdrawal of your consent


According to Article 6 (1) of the Info tv. Royal Sped may process the personal data you provided with your consent even after the withdrawal of your consent and without your consent unless laid down otherwise in the law in order to comply with his legal obligation, to enforce his own or a third party’s legitimate interests provided the enforcement of interests is proportionate to restriction of the right of the protection of personal data.       


Purpose, duration, legal basis, scope of data management and data transfer


Royal Sped uses the data for the following purposes. Taking into account that there are several purposes to use the data Royal Sped presents the scope of data, the duration of use, the legal basis and the possible transfer of data as data management purposes in the following order for reasons of clarity and so that you find the information relevant to you easily:

  1. Website visitors, cookies: we manage data exclusively according to the cookies unless the website visitor provides personal data. For the cookie policy please go to…  

  1. Upon requesting a quote (recipients of service): customer data management, upon consent future use for marketing purposes. Prior to signing a contract or agreement Royal Sped uses the data for marketing and advertising purposes exclusively upon prior consent of the individual involved. The consent may be withdrawn at any time by sending a request free of charge to the following e-mail account: We inform our customers that in case the legal basis for the data management is a legal provision or not fulfilled contract the request to delete the data only applies to data used for marketing purposes and does not affect the legal data management or data management on a contractual basis.  

  1. Upon signing up to our newsletter: the purpose of processing the data provided by the user upon signing up to the newsletter is the identification of the user for sending the newsletter. Royal Sped will send newsletter to the users who subscribed to our newsletter. User may block the use data for this purpose by unsubscribing.  If you do not wish to receive our newsletter user may request his deletion from the newsletter database by clicking on the “unsubscribe” button at the end of the newsletter. We may delete the user from the newsletter database also based upon individual request which shall be sent to          


Safeguarding your data

During the development of operations/processes as well as technical and procedural rules related to data management Royal Sped paid particular attention to the fact that these ensure the appropriate physical and computing protection of your data. In this regard Royal Sped makes a special effort to avoid and prevent unauthorized access, modification, transfer, deletion, publication or damage concerning the data/information. The computer and IT tools shall be chosen so that only those authorized shall be able to access the data and the authenticity and integrity of the data is ensured.           


Individuals authorized to manage data

Only authorized individuals of our company Royal Sped are entitled to access personal information or other individuals having the appropriate authorization to do so (e.g. HR consultants). In order to protect your data Royal Sped urges its colleagues authorized to manage data to comply with the legal provisions and relevants points set out in this policy. The individuals authorized to manage data are obliged to observe secrecy.    


Legal remedy


You may request information at any time about the management of your personal information under You may ask for the correction/amendment and deletion of your personal information at any time under Royal Sped shall delete the personal information provided that the deletion is not excluded by law if their management is unlawful, incorrect and the situation cannot be resolved legally or the purpose of the data management ceased to exist or if the statutory deadline deadline of data storage has expired or if it was ordered by court or the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information. You may also request the blocking of your data. Royal Sped may also block your data upon presumption based on the information available that the deletion would prejudice legitimate interests. Blocked data may only be managed as long as the purpose of data management is given that excluded the deletion of the personal information. Royal Sped shall comply with your request related to informing, correction, amendment, deletion or blocking within the shortest possible deadline but not later than within 25 days. Royal Sped will send a notification only upon explicit request. If the request cannot be complied with and the informing, correction, amendment, deletion or blocking request is rejected Royal Sped shall send a notification about the reasons of rejection in writing within 25 days or  upon consent electronically. No notification about the reasons of rejection shall be made if this does not prejudice the legitimate interests of the individual in question with a view to the purpose of data management.                                 


You may object to the management of your personal information if the processing or forwarding is only necessary for the fulfilment of the legal obligations of Royal Sped or the enforcement of the legitimate interests of a third person, data controller or the recipient of the data. Royal Sped shall investigate the objection within the shortest possible time after the objection request has been filed but not later than within 15 days. Royal Sped shall make a decision regarding the justification of the objection and shall notify individual filing the objection in writing.    


In case Royal Sped is found to have caused damaged by the unlawful management of your personal data or by non-compliance with the requirements of data security it shall compensate you for the damage caused. Upon breach of your personal rights you may claim compensation for damages according to 2:52 § of the Civil Code.



We first of all suggest that if you feel your personal information/data have not been handled properly please send your complaint to Royal Sped in order to clarify and resolve the issue as soon as possible and in the most convenient way. Royal Sped shall investigate the matter within the shortest possible time, but not later than 30 days upon receipt of your complaint. Royal Sped shall inform you about the result of its investigation.  

You may enforce your rights regarding the protection of your personal information before a civil court. The matter will be given particular priority. For the protection of your personal information you may also make a complaint to the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (address: 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/C., postal address: 1530 Budapest, Pf.: 5., phone no.: 06-1-391-1400, fax: 06-1-391-1410, e-mail:, website:


Name and address of the Controller

Name: Royal Sped Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság 

Address: 1239 Budapest, Európa utca 6. B1.

Tax no.: 11354107244

Phone no.: +36 1 421 8538



Data management registration number issued by the data protection supervisor: 


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