Ethical conduct

One of the main pillars of our operation as Hungary’s largest customs agency is the commitment to ethical conduct. We are convinced that we can only face the challenges of the competitive market if we protect our company’s reputation and image. We do this by impeccable business conduct and by fully complying with the laws, regulations and provisions.

We set up a Code of Ethics to clearly determine the norms of code of conduct which also includes the ethical risks and helps to recognize and resolve these type of issues.

The values and the compliance with the respective norms set out in the Code of Ethics are applicable to all employees, contractual and business partners of Royal Sped Zrt. Directors and managers supervising other colleagues’ work have a particular responsibility in creating and maintaining the culture of ethical operation.

Responsible employer

Our employees play a significant role in the success of our company as an important operator in the customs services sector for whom we take full responsibility. It is essential for us to create and maintain a talented and committed team.

We ensure the professional competence and up to date expertise of our employees with regular trainings. We pay special attention to our talented and committed colleagues and support their career opportunities and professional development. We value our employees’ opinion and feedback a lot during our teamwork and when building our professional community.

It is the employees’ basic requirement towards their employer that he is responsible. This is however a mutual requirement as we expect a responsible and reliable attitude as employers from our employees as well.

Responsible employment practices go beyond operating in line with the laws and employing our colleagues within the legal framework while paying attention to the sustainability. As a responsible employer we strive for satisfying our employees’ needs as much as we can. Our strategy also focuses on organizing programs to maintain and improve the physical and mental health conditions of our employees and to minimize and reduce work related stress.

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