The objective of the Code of Ethics is to lay down for all parties/individuals involved/concerned the highly important ethical norms for the operation of the company. The Code of Ethics of Royal Sped Zrt. defines expected/required ethical behaviour, the standards of conduct in line with the company’s values and urges the professionals to maintain and strengthen the image of the company. Everyone shall adhere to the basic rules of courtesy when dealing with one another. The employees of Royal Sped Zrt. shall behave in a manner both at work and outside their workplace that does not damage the reputation of the company.       


The values set out in the Code of Ethics and the related rules are applicable to all employees contracted and business partners. Directors and managers supervising other colleagues’ work have a particular responsibility in creating and maintaining the culture of ethical operation.

Compliance with the law

Royal Sped Zrt. expects all its employees and partners to abide by the legal provisions, regulations and the ethical rules set out in the Code of Ethics at all times. The employees of Royal Sped shall act in accordance with the basic interests of the company following the basic principles defined in the mission of the company.    

Respecting human rights

Royal Sped Zrt. is committed to and respects the protection of human rights proclaimed by international conventions.  


All parties involved (employees, business partners) shall refrain from fraudulent behaviour and extortion in their work and business. They must not offer, pay, request or accept any bribes in the interest to gain or withhold business.   


A conflict of interest may arise when employees need to make a choice between their own, a family member’s or a third person’s interest and gain and the business interest of the company. Employees shall avoid all situations where a conflict of interest may occur. They must not benefit directly from their business decisions and actions, and those must not be impacted by personal circumstances.   

Fair employment

Equal opportunities (prohibition of discrimination)

Nobody shall benefit from or be discriminated on the basis of sex, age, origin, race, ethnic origin, religious, political orientation, place of origin, relatives, physical disability, sexual orientation,  citizenship, gender, sexual orientation, membership in interest representation or any related activities. Exception to the above the cases of positive discrimination laid down in the law.

Prohibition of harassment

Our company strictly prohibits all types of violence, threats and harassment and considers them as unacceptable. The Management shall be responsible for the appropriate handling of such cases. Upon noticing employee is obliged to step up against any form of violation related to the above and report these cases to their direct supervisors, the relevant director or the Council of Ethics. 

Health and safety

The company is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for the employees. The working conditions are checked regularly and if necessary appropriate measures are taken. During its operation the company takes into account all relevant technological and ecological guidelines and encourages the approval of stricter standards. All employees shall strive for preventing health damages, avoiding environmental nuisances and pollution by adhering to rules concerning health, safety at work and environmental protection rules, technological discipline and any other rules relevant to their work.          

Working hours and wages

Royal Sped Zrt. abides by all laws, legal provisions, sector legislation regarding working hours including overtime. Wages paid to the employees are in line with the minimum wage regulation and are sufficient to cover the basic human needs in the respective community.

Freedom of association, interest representation (advocacy)

The Company does not restrict the employees’ right to freedom of association and collective bargaining agreement.

Political and religious activities

Employees shall respect one another’s belief, political opinion and shall not influence one another’s views in any way during working hours. Employees shall avoid any type of reference to the company in such situations and explicitly restrain from presenting their opinion as the company’s view. The equipment and services (mobile phone, laptop, car, internet access) provided by the company must not be used for such activities even if otherwise private use is allowed.   

Company assets

Protection of assets / property

Employees of Royal Sped Zrt. shall take responsibility to ensure the integrity, appropriate and economical use of equipment, instruments and tools. Employees must not use the company’s equipment and installations for private purposes unless explicit permission has been granted by the line manager exercising the appropriate powers to do so according to the relevant regulation while exercising reasonable care in such cases. Working hours must not be used for private purposes either.    

Data protection, information policy

The company shall conduct efficient internal audits in order to avoid abuses of company capital and equipment. All documents involving commitments on behalf of the company towards a third party shall be signed by two individuals authorized by the management. Royal Sped Zrt. gives high priority to the appropriate treatment of confidential data related to buyers, business partners and employees in line with the data protection rules.  

Confidential information

Employees shall safeguard company confidential information and restrain from obtaining confidential information from other companies in an illegal manner. Information classified as confidential by the company must not be disclosed to external individuals and must not be used for personal purposes. This obligation applies to both the duration of the employment and to a certain period of time defined in the contract after the termination. Royal Sped Zrt. expects confidential treatment from its business partners related to company information considered as business secret and obtained during the business relationship.   

Employee Confidentiality Policy

Confidential information include information related to the employees, their careers, wages or other information related to their personal circumstances.

Electronic data management

The company expects from its employees to be aware of the regulations related to internet use and to use only licenced softwares. Employees must not use the company’s electronic communication systems for the forwarding of data for the treatment of which  they do not have the authorization for. The company’s employees and partners do not tolerate any offensive or abusive e-mails.    

Social media sites

It is prohibited to make any statement or communication on social media websites which are abusive or detrimental to the interests of the company.  

Communication on behalf of the company (spokesperson)

Official declarations concerning the company shall only be made by individuals authorized to do so.  

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

The success of the company is based upon compliance with the laws related to confidential business information and intellectual property rights. This applies in particular to research results, technical data, software / computer programs, patents, copyrights, non-public financial and price information and any documents which make reference to the above. The company expects the employees not to disclose and use any confidential information which is the property of their former employer or third party and not to violate others’ rights related to intellectual creation.   

Government / authority and shareholder relations

The successful and lasting business relationship is based on honest and fair behaviour, mutual trust and respect towards buyers, partners, authorities and professional organizations. All information concerning the relation between the company and its partners are considered as confidential. Royal Sped Zrt. shall not abuse its market position and shall commit itself to create equal opportunities for all its business partners and to adhere to the contracts/agreements. The company shall only get involved and maintain relations with partners which follow the rules of honest business and commercial practices. During its operation it shall act in good faith and honestly abiding by the laws of the relevant country and by using means only permitted by the legislation.   

Gifts, benefits/advantages policy

Royal Sped Zrt’s employee must not accept any personal gift or advantage from any person or organization being in any relationship of interest with company or from any economic operator considered as a competitor. When in doubt the maximum value of the acceptable gift shall not exceed HUF 5000. It is prohibited to accept any gift or favour above this value or to accept travel, holiday or accommodation offers from business partners and private persons who works for the company (consultant, agent, etc.). A travel or accommodation offer may be accepted in certain cases (e.g. vocational training, conference, business event, presentation request) upon written approval of the person exercising the employer’s rights.      

Selection of business partners

Royal Sped Zrt. expects it business partners to follow the rules and guidelines provided to them. Business partners violating these guidelines cannot be considered for any bidding procedures and cannot be considered in any way, neither directly, nor indirectly.

Competitors, fair competition

The company shall operate as a determined competitor abiding by the norms of fair competition and in line with the competition rules. It shall only collect information on its competitors legally  and shall only use public sources to understand business, consumer and technological trends as well as proposals of new legislation and the competitors’ actions. The company shall acquire these information only in a legal and honest manner.    

Inside information

The information are public and accessible at the respective levels of responsibility. The company shall enable the flow of information both horizontally and vertically within the various sections of the organization. The company is committed to involve the employees in the company’s activity to the greatest possible extent and to facilitate open communication.

Civil society, local communities

The company shall contribute to the economic growth and improvement of standard of living in the regions of its activity. Beyond creating jobs it serves the common good by various activities the majority of which aims at the care and development of health, culture and sports. The company is committed to social charity and sponsorship free of corruption and bribery. Royal Sped Zrt. follows the guidelines of responsible communication. It provides clear and authentic/credible information on its activity and initiatives to the public through all communication channels.    



Anna Czakó Kovács

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