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ROYAL SPED Zrt. has become the largest customs agency in Hungary with almost three decades of experience. In the past 30 years we faced several market challenges.

We have considered it as an imperative from the very start  to provide our clients and partners with services that fit in smoothly with their foreign trade practices and they comply with their legal obligations related to customs matters without even noticing.


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Frequently asked questions

Based on the order for customs representation you give to Royal Sped Zrt. we will represent you at the National Tax and Customs Administration. There is no customs duty to be paid when exporting.  

When the goods are released for free circulation during the import customs clearance VAT has to be paid on the import. If the preferential duty rate of 0% cannot be applied the customs duty rate shall be applied determined in the TARIC in relation to the goods in question.

Please send us the product description/specification/certificate of analysis of the product and based on these documents we can provide you the right customs tariff code.

The VPID number is an operator’s identification number registered with Hungarian customs whereas the EORI number is an operator identification number valid throughout the EU. You need to have an EORI number for the customs clearance. This ID number (EORI) shall be requested from the National Tax and Customs Administration electronically on the customer portal or at the time of the first customs clearance in the agency’s office. We can act on your behalf when requesting this ID with your order for customs representation.

Yes, there is a possibility. Please ask for our quote for customs clearance procedures through indirect representation.

Please ask for a quote for applying for an authorization for deferment of payment and authorization for comprehensive guarantee.

Please send us all documents related to your past customs clearances and based on your order we can provide you with the appropriate counseling.

The EUR1 is a movement certificate certifying the origin of the goods. Upon your order and based on the required documents we can issue the EUR1 at the export customs clearance and apply for the certification of the document by the National Tax and Customs Administration.   

We can apply for an authorization for active processing and a comprehensive guarantee and arrange the respective customs clearances and settle the accounts on your behalf upon your order.

In the case of planned or actual exports and/or imports you can apply for Binding Tariff Information (BTI) at the Institute of Experts of the National Tax and Customs Administration. The tariff classification of the BTI is considered legally binding in all EU Member States and you must apply it as well.

You must ask for the goods forwarding procedure (common transit procedure)  at the border. We can issue the relevant T-document with a T-guarantee for you.


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Why you should choose us

Is it important for you that your customs agent is an expert in customs regulations and provisions? Do capital intensity and reliability matter to you? Is flexibility one of your basic requirements?


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Royal Sped Zrt. as Hungary’s largest customs agency has all the customs authorizations required to provide all types of customs services.


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Our employees are our biggest asset. The success story of Royal Sped Zrt. over the last 30 years is mainly attributed to them and we bear full responsibility of them.


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